Baker's Keyboard Lounge

20510 Livernois Avenue

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In 1933, Chris and Fannie Baker opened Baker's as a lunchtime sandwich restaurant. In 1934, their son Clarence Baker began booking jazz pianists, but Baker's was still known at that time principally as a restaurant. In 1939 Clarence, took over ownership after Chris had suffered from a stroke. That same year, Clarence began booking pianists from outside the Detroit area, although the club featured local pianist Pat Flowers from 1940 until 1954. In 1952, the club was expanded and remodeled to the Art Deco look that it retains today. By 1954, the business had rapidly expanded, and by the following year, Baker's began featuring major jazz acts, notably Art Tatum who played the last two years of his life, including his last performance in April 1956, Dave Brubeck in 1957 and Gerry Mulligan in 1958. During the 1950s Modern jazz was less common at Baker's than in was in the 1960s, when the emphasis of the club's music changed to Hard Bop. During the 1960s Clarence leased the club out, but resumed personal control in the 1970s.

Baker's is noted for its long history of presenting local and major jazz acts, its excellent acoustics, its intimacy - seating only 99, its Art Deco furnishings, including a distinctive, piano-shaped bar painted with a keyboard motif, Art Deco style paintings of European city landscapes by Harry Julian Carew, tilted mirrors that allow patrons to view the pianist's hands, and its Steinway piano which was selected and purchased in New York by Tatum for Clarence in the 1950s. The club still displays its original liquor pricelist from 1934, showing the price of beer at 26 cents.
In 1986, Baker's was designated as an Historic Site by the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office. The historic significance of the site is stated as follows:
Baker's Keyboard Lounge has significance as Michigan's jazz mecca and Detroit's oldest jazz club in continuous operation. Founded in May 1933 by Chris Baker as a restaurant and piano bar, the present jazz orientation of the club has been firmly in place since 1939. Baker's Keyboard Lounge has hosted the greatest names in blues and jazz since that date. Some of the musicians who have played the club include: Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Oscar Peterson, George Shearing, Sarah Vaughn, Joe Williams, Maynard Ferguson, Cab Calloway, Woody Herman, Modern Jazz Quartet, and Nat "King" Cole; to name but a few.
In 1984, Baker's Keyboard Lounge celebrated fifty-years of the sound of jazz in Detroit and Michigan.


Jaime Harris

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Awesome atmosphere!! I loved the live music and soul food 💛 but my only concerns were: they charged for parking in their small lot, which should've been complimentary to guests who are already paying for entry. Secondly, the servers were not good, they ignored my party, forgot requests but they were polite 😊 maybe just very busy. Lastly, the should consider expanding the facility because the entry doorway is beyond tiny and the lounge area should be larger since the place is so popular and packed. However, the food was amazing and the jazz was perfect!! I will be returning soon 😊

Afeni Wilbe

Friday, July 14, 2017

Baker's Keyboard Lounge is the oldest jazz club in the country and probably the world. They offer nightly live entertainment and has recently added a comedy night as well as karaoke. The food here is freshly prepared by some of the best cooks around town! You can not only book a hugh gathering here, but can also come and be completely comfortable with just you and your significant other.

Ralph E. Riddle, Jr.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

I have been here many times over the years. I Love this place. After all~ it IS the Worlds Oldest Jazz Club! The staff is Great (Bill!), the food is Excellent and the Music is Always memorable...

Robert Sutherlin

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We got here before the music and had a very good dinner. The mac and cheese was excellent. The roast turkey was awesome. The fried chicken was good, but a little more spice would make it better.

Robyn Keith

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Maybe this will be opportunity for the owner's to really pay more attention to the reviews, Service! Service! Service! Vetting your "service team" is Prime! The young ladies who are serving have the wrong disposition when greeting and waiting" the customers.... They attitude of entitlement and I'll get to you when I do! Is NOT what this establishment needs! Please vet, your staff much BETTER! And I notice as well, when the owner's are not in attendance, there's usually an older gentlemen who's the charge,,, This Mgr. Is not working out well, I notice the service team is way to lax and sitting aground while customers are sitting themselves and waiting for service between 10/15 min before someone comes over to greet and take they're order! Unacceptable!!!! And the Mgr. Sits at the front door always appearing to be in s daze! Chop, Chop! This is one of there oldest jazz clubs around, many great performers have played here! Don't let your service team cast a bad lighting on your business!!! Service is very important!!!!!!! You might want to go thru a temp service! That way, you can specify your need/type and vetting process!